“A return and reuse packaging system for small online retailers to reduce packaging waste”


Online shopping is an increasing global trend. As a result, the need for secondary packaging, which is used for protecting products during delivery, has also increased. However, the majority of current secondary packaging are designed for single use, leading to a substantial amount of waste.


RePack provides a new way to change packaging's throw away fortune. By providing a return and reuse system with innovative RePack bags, RePack users simply need to return packaging through their local postal system after unpacking the products, and then their prepaid deposit will be refunded automatically. Afterwards, the packaging will be collected by Royal Mail for resell and reuse in local post offices.


RePack provides packaging as a service in collaboration with existing postal systems rather than a one off product. Using these durable RePack bags to send parcels can not only increase packing efficiency, save packaging costs per use, but also significantly reduces the environmental impact for producing new packaging.


Through return and reuse, RePack makes online shopping more environmental friendly and cost effective for both the retailer and costumer.